South Park Phone Destroyer Hack

South Park Phone Destroyer Hack

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a strategy based game in which you need to carefully play Cards on the battlefield so that you are able to destroy your opponents as well as defend yourself. As you keep progressing in the game, the battles get challenging and it becomes harder to survive. You should utilize all types of cards, conserve your energy, and play strategically for achieving success. Before you start playing the engrossing South Park: Phone Destroyer game, here is the in-depth review, tips, South Park Phone Destroyer Hack and strategies that will make your game simpler.

South Park Phone Destroyer Hack


Coins are the primary currency of the game. You can earn Coins, Cards, and other goodies by signing in to the game every 4 hours. After every 4 hours, you can collect your freebies. Donating Cards to other gamers will let you earn some Coins and XP Points. Moreover, special events in the game will let you acquire plenty of in-game currencies so participate in them often. Coins can be used for buying Cards or upgrading items from the game shop. Clothes and other items can also be bought by Coins.  Coins can be easily generated with South Park Phone Destroyer Hack 2020.


Cash is the premium currency of the game, which can be used for buying Card Packs, Locker Rolls, and much more. Some gamers prefer spending Cash to unlock PvP Packs rather than buying Card Packs as this gives them better value for money. Earning Cash is not easy in the game. You can earn by unlocking Lockers or spending real money. It is advisable to save as much Cash as possible so that you can buy premium Card Packs. These packs will provide a greater chance of acquiring special Cards.  Don’t worry our South Park Phone Destroyer Hack can handle that also, so use it to generate as much cash as you want.

Win Battles And Earn Lockers:

When you win a battle, you will be allowed to pick three random lockers from a set of ten. Among these ten lockers, there are only three that contain special rewards, rest of the seven contain smaller rewards. So, luck plays an important role here!

Moreover, if you watch an ad, you will be able to take one more locker for free. You can repeat this process until the game puts you on a four-hour timer. After four hours, you will be able to watch the ads again and opt for an extra locker. For obvious reasons, if you have already acquired special rewards from the lockers then do not use the ad locker for unlocking. If you are not into watching ads then simply try our South Park Phone Destroyer Cheats.


There are several different types of Cards available in the game and each of them is valuable for your deck. Cards are broadly divided into Tanks, Fighter, Assassins, and Ranged.

  • Tanks: Tanks can take damage, so use it to guard you at the time of attack. Also, use it to allow your gaming characters to get closer to the opponent.
  • Fighters: Can be used for several occasions. Use them to play upfront or to damage enemies that are near you.
  • Assassins: Use them to kill enemies close to you. However, they are fragile, so take care while using them.
  • Ranged: They can attack from far, so keep them at the back and then use.

Another type of card is the Spell Cards, which can cause damage but do not summon characters to the board. You should try to keep a balance in the number of Cards that you have acquired.

Ensure that you have kept a few of each type of Card so that the chances of succeeding in the game enhances considerably. For instance, Tanks are required to absorb tons of damage that is caused by enemies. Assassins are perfect for striking at the opponent’s weak points and deals massive damage. However, Assassins die instantly when they are targeted so use them carefully.

Moreover, it is vital to have complete information on the various Cards that are used in the battles. This is because you will be able to win the battle only if you understand the card that your opponent is using and make use of a card that will easily damage your enemy’s card. For instance, if your opponent is using a slow moving tank, then you should use a fast assassin so that you win the battle easily.

Train Your Cards:

In the beginning of the game, you will have some amount of Coins and resources. You can use them to train your Cards. However, you will be having some good as well as bad Cards, for that you may need the help of our South Park Phone Destroyer Cheats. So, you should always upgrade those Cards that you are willing to use in the game. Make sure that you always have a Tank, Assassin, and Ranged Card in your starter deck. Having at least one of each type of Card will enhance your chances of winning in the battle. So, upgrade these types of Cards as much as you can.

Abilities Of Cards:

Each Card has a set of strengths and weaknesses. Also, there are some rare cards that have special abilities. These cards get activated at certain time, so make sure that you have complete knowledge about them. For instance, the Deathwish Card will activate when you die and Warcry Card activates when the card is put in play. So, if you own any of the rare cards with special abilities, then understand their skills properly so that you can use them at the right time.


You will need Energy to play Cards on the battlefield. Each Card will require different amount of Energy as some require more while others require less. As you reach advanced stages of the game, your energy will refill slowly. However, you need to use your energy carefully otherwise you will end up having none in the game. The maximum amount of Energy that you can have is 10. You will need around 5 Energy for playing Cards. It is vital to keep a check on the Energy meter so that you do not finish it up completely.

Play Strategically:

You need to keep in mind the Card that your opponent has and accordingly decide the card that you should play. Before making a move, think twice and then play your card. For instance, if you need backup support, then you should play Ranged Cards.

Mentioned Below Are Some Effective Tips And Strategies That Will Make Your South Park: Phone Destroyer Game Easier:

  • In the first few hours of the game, spend your Coins and PvP Tickets on materials. Later on, you can focus on purchasing Cards.
  • The in-game shop sells numerous upgrade materials, which rotate regularly. So, wait until the shop sells the materials that you require.
  • Whenever you have some free time, play the previous PvE battles again so that you can earn Cards, in-game currencies, and materials.
  • When your opponent sends out shockwaves, wait until it is done and then place your Cards on the field. This tip will help in saving your Cards as shockwaves can cause great damage on weak Cards.
  • You should invest your in-game currency in buying Cards of various types. Keep a right balance between cheap and expensive cards so that you have something for all situations.
  • The higher you rank in the arena; the better will be the rewards that you unlock from the PvP Packs.
  • Try the South Park Phone Destroyer Hack to achieve big success in the game.

To conclude, the best way to achieve success in the game is by learning from your mistakes. Understand the strategies that your opponent is playing and the cards that are giving you more trouble. Once you realize all these aspects, you will be able to turn your mistakes into future victories. Plan well and have a great time while playing and using South Park Phone Destroyer Hack. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart so give it a shot!

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